VW Workshop & Service Center

VW Workshop & Service Center

As most luxury brand owners would know, high-performance cars can only give you the best of their life and a pleasurable drive as long as you don’t ignore the maintenance and repair schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

This is especially true for Volkswagen cars, which personify great design and engineering but can be sensitive in harsh environments and weather. To give your car the best care possible, and makes sure it sticks by you through thick and thin, choose a reputed VW workshop staffed by qualified technicians.

You don’t have to look too long because Mr. Cars are just the place for high-quality maintenance. As a leading VW service center in Dubai, we keep a lookout for the need for repairs or the occurrence of any faults while your car is in for routine maintenance at our facility. Not only will this ensure you maximize the life of your VW vehicle, but also identify repair tasks as quickly as they occur

VW Service Center Services Include

At Mr. Cars, real dedication to the work we do and the use of the most advanced equipment at your facility makes us the top choice for luxury and high-performance car owners all over the city. A number of factors contribute to our place as a reputed VW car service center, including experts that fully understand and have experience will VW vehicles, and the commitment to using only genuine spare parts.In order to give you the best customer experience possible, and deliver the best value for money even compared to a dealership, we will make you aware of issues we discover during repair and maintenance tasks, so you are never stuck with costly repairs in the long-term.

For you to be in complete comfort with our work, you will always a price quote and breakdown of the services we perform on your cars.

Spare Parts

Give your car the car and maintenance it deserves with VW spare parts that are genuine and promise to bring back the same performance.

Body Repairs

Rid yourself of expensive and time-consuming body repairs at the dealerships thanks to high-end body restoration at our facility.

Paint Repairs

Bring the exterior of your car back to life with the total elimination of faded, scratched, and damaged paint.


Restore the comfort and feeling from when your car was brand new with an interior repair job that makes it look brand new.

Roadside Assistance

Call us from wherever you are in the city for prompt and expert help when your vehicle breaks down.

Process Of Getting VW Repairs


Visit us with your car or call us if you need roadside assistance for your broken down vehicle at your location.


We can repair your cars in two working days if the spare parts required are available immediately.


After repair work is finished, we deliver the car to your location or you can pick it up.


"My VW car has never been the same. Definitely the best VW service center in Dubai. The exterior and performance work I got done has been outstanding." - Majid

"Have total faith in your VW workshop services. Have been bringing my car to you for a long time now, and never looked back." - Asad

you can call us +971 50 651 1302 +971 4 340 7332 Email:info@mrcars.ae

or visit us Dubai, U.A.E

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