Mercedes Benz Workshop

Mercedes Benz Workshop

As one of the most renowned Mercedes workshops in the city, Mr. Cars is committed to giving Mercedes car owners the value for money and the quality of workmanship they deserve. We give our Mercedes car owners the complete range of servicing and repairing options they can possibly need. Our experienced technicians, fully equipped workshop facility, and latest technology computers and vehicle equipment is here to give your vehicle the best care it needs.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a specialized set of repairs, such as engine overhaul, full repaints, or problem diagnosis, or simply seeking a reliable garage and maintenance destination, we have your precious Mercedes vehicle covered.

If all this time, you have been searching for a place that will give your vehicle the dealership level of care at more suitable prices, you are at the right place.

Benz Service Center Services Include

High performance and expensive cars in Dubai need all the right maintenance and care they deserve, especially given the hot and dusty climate of the city. The more precise and advanced the quality of repair, the more you can be sure that your vehicle is going to stand the test of time, last you several decades, and deliver the best performance on the road at all times.

If you have been looking for the ideal place for your Mercedes car, one that will provide high-end care, along with technicians who are specialized in Mercedes vehicles, look no further. Mr.  cars is committed to giving you dealership quality service in even better costs. Our Mercedes service center services will use advanced computers and diagnostics to give you information about potential issues, give you a breakdown of these, and share a quote so you can decide where to go from there.

Spare Parts

Mr. Cars gives you access to genuine parts that have been endorsed by the dealerships, giving your vehicle greater performance when originals are no longer viable.

Body Repairs

Professional body repairs ranging from full-scale external restoration to minor works such as dent and deep scratch removal.

Paint Repairs

Cater to the damaged paint and immediate exterior of your vehicle with paint repairs using advanced equipment.


We work on the inside of your car as well, giving the interior a good a new feel, restoring faded paint and cloth.

Roadside Assistance

Get in touch with us from anywhere in the city for immediate roadside assistance for your stranded Mercedes.

Process Of Getting Benz Repair from Workshop


Bring your car to us or get in touch with us over the phone for roadside assistance


Provided all the repair parts are available, we can finish the work your vehicle requires in two working days.


When the repairs are done, we can deliver the car to your location or you can choose to pick it up.


"All the care my Mercedes can possibly need, along with technicians who know the brand like the back of their hand. Very happy with your services." - Baqar Ghaziani

"A great service and repair destination for Mercedes, along with a very convenient location." - Syed Kanwal Rizvi

you can call us +971 50 651 1302 +971 4 340 7332

or visit us Dubai, U.A.E

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