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Professional Car Detailing Services In Dubai

Car Detailing and Polish in Al Qouz

Our car detailing services in Al Qouz are all about taking your car back to the condition you got it from the showroom. We are committed to taking away the stress our customers may have of getting ugly marks on the paint, or when they notice dust and hard stains on the interior parts.

A full-fledged polish and detailing job not only ensures that your car looks its absolute best, but also guarantees a clean and “as good as new” experience.

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing & Polishing with Protection Include

Engine Range Cleaning

A professional engine range cleaning gets rid of the unwanted collection of dirt and pollutants and ensures the engine goes back to running smoothly.

Interior Detailing

Cleaning and car detailing performed on the interior parts of the vehicle get rid of dust and gunk in the cabin, even from the hard to reach areas (vents etc), and produce a showroom quality look.

Headlight Restoration

This service can make your headlights look just like new, as it removes all the oxidation and dulling particles that have collected on the glass.

Swirl Free Wax & Polish

Car polishing gives the paint coat of the car a seamless look by getting rid of swirls and uses a layer to protect the base.

Spot Free Windows

Eliminate streaks, stains, and swirls from car windows with a professional car polishing and detailing.

Wheel & Tire Detailing

We use special liquids that work not only settle deep into the surface to clean thoroughly and eliminate dust but also protect the metal and rubber.

Our Process Of Car Polishing

Pick Up

We can pick the car from the road, your home, or wherever you are in working or nonworking condition.


We determine the work required and give you an affordable quotation on car detailing and polish.


We deliver the car to where you need it after the work is complete.


"Definitely, the best professional car detailing services in Dubai. It’s been a while since I got my last detailing job done from you, and most of the car, like the interior and paint, still looks like it was all done a week ago."
Gerald Rice, May 2018

"These guys use materials, which protect all the car parts for a long time."
Harry Lang, February 2018

"This is one of the best workshops in Al Qouz. Very professional team and service."
Andrey Mironov, June 2018


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