Car Painting Services In Dubai

Car Painting Services In Dubai

Car paint services are usually used when people are about the sell their cars, or want to enhance the appearance for their own experience. This service is a complicated and expensive process, which is why it should only be performed by a highly experienced workshop.

At, we understand the complexities of the base, paint, and filler materials, and have always given our customers the comfort of knowing that their joyride is in great hands.

Our car polish process is based on several steps, and makes sure that the paint is reapplied according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

Stages For Car Painting Process


The first step is to properly remove the current coat of paint and get rid of all peeling parts to get a smooth metal finish as a base.


Any dulling particles, scratches and other imperfections are removed from the base layer, usually using sandpaper, and heat is used to get rid of the moisture, to prepare for paint.

Surface Painting:

The chosen paint color is applied on the smooth and moisture free surface, usually through a special spray nozzle, which makes sure the paint particles stick to the metal surface like a magnet.


The wet paint is allowed to dry and stick to the car’s metal surface for ample time before anything else can be done.

Varnish Application:

The varnish applied on cars on top of the paint layer is there to preserve and protect the paint, and hold it in place. This layer is transparent and acts like a barrier between the paint and the environment.


After waiting for the recommended amount of time, the surface is polished in the end to give the exterior the shiny and reflective look.


"Car paint is a very difficult thing to get right, even at most workshops, because it needs the factory level equipment to perform correctly. It has many steps to it just because it is not only the paint, but many steps before and after it that need to done just right. Very pleased by your car paint on my vehicle." - Akbar

"I was thinking of doing the whole car paint job for my car at home, but decided against it because I realized there was no point in doing it in a way that I would regret later on. Came to mrcars and I’m really impressed by their service and the care they took of my vehicle. Right now it looks like I just picked it up from the showroom." - Shahjahan