Things you need to know about car window tints in Dubai

Things you need to know about car window tints in Dubai

With everybody slightly more conscious of safety and privacy in the UAE, the number of tinted car windows have increased over the years. But it’s important to note that there is a law prohibiting people from using cars that are completely tinted. If you are considering making your car windows a bit darker, you need to know the laws guiding tint car windows. This will help you stay of the radar of law enforcement agencies and still enjoy your privacy. Below are certain things you need to know about tinting your car windows in Dubai.

Things you need to know about car window tints in Dubai

The percentage of tint allowed in Dubai

The laws guiding tinting glass usage in the UAE has slightly changed of recent. Currently, the level of tinted darkness for custom tint and factory tint shouldn’t be more than 50%. But most cars already come with a slight tint glass, which means you have to add even lesser percentage of what your car has. For example, if your car glass is slightly tinted to about 20%, , you will only have room to add 30% to increase it to the 50% ration.

Punishment for violators

The laws have been put in place and violators will be punished based on the stipulations of the law. Any driver ho goes contrary to what the law specifies will pay a fine of AED 500. Additionally, his car will be confiscated for about 4 weeks.

Are there any exemptions to the law?

The only way to be exempted from this law is when you are given approval from the police or RTA for health reasons. In Dubai, not all cars are even given the go ahead to tint. Only cars that have been registered with individual names are given permission to tint to the required percentage. Company vehicles registered under a corporation or other types of non-individual cars do not have the right to tint their cars.

Other tint alternatives

There are different reasons why people tint their cars. But the major reason is to maintain their privacy when moving within the town. This can be seen from celebrities and big dignitaries who don’t want to be noticed. Others just want to protect themselves against the hot summer weather. But if your main reason for tinting your car is simple the beauty of tinted glasses, there is an option for you. Some car tints can improve the beauty of a car and still allow clear visibility inside the car.


Dubai has a clear rule when it comes to the percentage of tint they allow for individual car owners. The law has been relaxed a little. Initially, people are not allowed to tint their cars to be more than 30% dark. Now the law has taken it up a bit to 50%. This explains why there are currently more cars with darker glasses in the UAE than before. If you are looking to tint your car glasses, be sure to abide by the laws to avoid any form of harassment by authorities.