Important things to do after encountering a car accident in the UAE

Important things to do after encountering a car accident in the UAE

Accidents are unavoidable, no matter where you reside. Most of us face them anytime during our stay in UAE.

There are a few things that you must do in case of facing any sort of car accident in UAE. It is your legal and moral duty to stay aware of these basic steps. It will also prevent you from facing further damages.

Basic actions can lessen the chaos and intensity of accident

There are different types of accidents. These categories refer to their intensities. You will find these measures helpful in a car smash scenario where no fatal injuries occur.  In case any serious condition appears, you should immediately call police or an ambulance.

It is worth mentioning here that you must have Police Report with you. It will help you in tackling all subsequent issues easily.

Control the surrounding area

You should stop your automobile at once at a safe location without disturbing the traffic. You should do it regardless of the fact that who is guilty. It is appropriate to switch on the car indicators.

Examine people involved

The second thing you should do is check all concerned people in the clash. There is also a chance that other vehicle might try to escape from the scene. You should just note down the car model, number, or any other detail.

Contact authorities

The next obligatory step is to call the police/traffic police. You can dial 999 for this purpose. The Saeed or Traffic Police number for people living in Abu Dhabi or its environs is 999. You will call Police by dialing 999 if you are staying in Dubai or the northern Emirates. 

This call would require you to describe the incident and your location. In case, you need an ambulance or first aid, inform the operator or police.

It is worth remembering that you should possess all your important documents for the whole procedure. It may include your ID, passport, license, and vehicle registration.

Keep your nerves calm

People usually get panicked and disturbed. It can worsen the situation. You should stay calm and quiet unless a police officer asks you to speak.

There are chances that other person may try to involve you in an argument. You should avoid it at any cost and wait for the police to come.

Follow instructions

Once the police have arrived, it will handle the whole scene according to their laws. You are just supposed to inform, tell truth, and to follow their instructions afterward.

The UAE police issues police report in two different colors. They give a pink color report to the responsible person, green to the guiltless driver. They issue a white report when there is no clear cause of the accident.

Contact insurance company

The last step you should take is to contact the insurance company. It will be a car rental company if you are driving a hired vehicle. They will do further processing according to their rules.

These are the 6 basic steps. There are a few other important points that you should keep in your mind. You should face the situation regardless of the circumstances it might bring. It is not at all appropriate to run off the accident spot.

It will, later on, engage you in a bigger loss and embarrassment. There are a few accident cases where you hit any object rather than other vehicle or a person. It is ideal to involve police in this matter as well. They will take important notice and will probably ask you to pay fine.