Different prices for different car tinting services

Different prices for different car tinting services

Car window tinting is increasingly gaining popularity with the relaxation of laws regarding tinting in Dubai. If you want to tint your car window, it’s important to know exactly hat it will cost you in order to stay within your budget.

Cost of car tinting in Dubai

So what exactly is the cost of car tinting in Dubai? This question does not really have a definite answer. It depends on the auto service and the brand of the car. Most importantly, car brands will determine how much you have to pay for car tinting.  Also, there are different qualities of the job, which will equally impact on price.

Different prices for different car tinting services

If you have a small sedan you want to tint, you are likely going to pay about AED 1,000 for the job. This will cover all areas of the car, except the front glass. However, it will cost you about AED1,150 to do the same level of car tinting on large sedans.

The cost of tinting SUV’s is usually higher. If you have e a large SUV, you may spend about AED1400 to get it done. But it will fall down to AED1200 if you are tinting a medium sized SUV. As seen above, the cost increases with the size of the car.

Tinting high-end cars

High-end car models are obviously more expensive. If you want to tint new models of large sedans, you are likely going to spend about AED2700 while the small range models will cost about AED2,350. Meanwhile, larger high-end SUVs (that’s latest models) will cost approximately AED3,200 while the smaller models go for about AED3,000. Remember that these costs may also vary according to the auto parts service. Some may charge lesser than the cost above while others may charge higher.

Settle for quality tinting

Some people make the mistake of thinking that tinting a car is all about making the car windows a little bit darker. They feel the quality of tints doesn’t really matter. On the contrary, a low quality car tint can easily wear off, which will leave the car looking ragged.  You need to settle for the best when it comes to tinting your car windows. Doing so is even less expensive because you don’t have to worry about fading tints for a very long time.

Select the right car service provider

If you don’t already have a trusted service provider, do a little research to find out which auto car service shop will do a great job for you. They make sure your car window glasses are safe when tinting them.  Do not compromise your car’s comfort for anything else. Ensure that you select the most ideal car tinting service for your safety and overall comfort.