The allowed legal limit for car window tinting in Dubai

Legal Car Tinting Percentage in Dubai

According to the Federal Traffic Law, you cannot make additions to vehicles such as tinted reflective glass beyond the mentioned amount. The percentage of tint darkness including both the factory tint and your custom one should not exceed 50%. It is important to know that although the glass may look clear, most of the cars have a tint which from the factory. Therefore, it is wise to get a tint percent which is slightly lighter than 30% so that the total percentage of the darkness of window tint and factory glass equals 50%.

A driver who is caught violating these regulations will be fined 500AED in addition to the confiscation of his or her vehicle for a month. In the UAE, irrespective of gender the window tinting shade permitted is the same, but you may be exempted from this rule if you get special approval from the RTA or Dubai police for medical reasons. In the UAE, only those cars registered under an individual can be tinted irrespective of whether the vehicle is a cargo or passenger car. It is possible however to install clear window tint that would enable thorough visibility as well.

Window tinting is an excellent way of keeping the heat out and making sure that driving on Dubai roads during summer is pleasurable.