Professional Car Window Tinting In Dubai

Professional Car Window Tinting In Dubai

Rear Windshield Tinting

Car window tinting is a necessity in Dubai these days because it has a number of useful benefits for drivers. The best advantage of it is that it keeps the heat of the sun out, and also protects your car from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Auto tinting in Dubai, when done by a professional, can even add a stylish look to your vehicles, minimize the uncomfortable glare during drives, and keeps the interior of the car cool and shaded. This can also help to reduce emissions and fuel wastage since you will no longer need to run the air conditioning as high as you would otherwise.

Rules For Auto Window Tinting In UAE

Legal Limits for Car Tinting

According to the Traffic Law and applicable rules, you cannot add a tint reflection level higher than the limit approved by the Federal Traffic Law. It is required to be not more than 50 % Visual Light Transmission (VLT). This limit is also only applicable to the back and side windows, and the windshield should be clear.

Factory Tint

Sometimes cars are going to have a light shade of tint when they come from the showroom. In this case, you have to make sure that the overall tint shade (factory plus custom tint) is not higher than 50% VLT. This is why it is a better idea to get a lighter shade of tint from the workshop, such as 30% VLT.

Fine for Violation

The fine for getting a tint that is higher than 50% VLT is 500AED, and your vehicle can also be taken away for one month. According to the law, you can get 30% light brown tint on the back and side window only.

Medical Exemption

You can also get a higher shade level than 30% if you get permission from RTA or Dubai police for medical issues.

Cars Belonging To A Company

You can only tint cars that are registered under your own name, and it doesn’t matter whether the car is for passengers or cargo. If your company gave you a car as part of the benefits, the best idea is to get a clear car tint in alqouz from us. This way, there is a clear view into the car, and the harsh heat and sunrays are also kept out.

Our Process Of Car Window Shading

Visit with Car: Bring the car you want to be tinted to our outlet.

Done: We can finish the tinting job in 90 minutes max.

Cost of Car Window Tinting: Pricing starts at 250 AED

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